3-8 YEARS $26.00

9 YEARS AND OVER including Adults wishing to ride the motorized rides $40.00


includes use of the Lake activities Paddle Boats Canoes and Putt Putt Golf

All prices include unlimited rides all day


Open from 10am to 4pm

All weekends Public Holidays and School Holidays.

except Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Also closed some winter months for maintence.


Youth Insearch in Castle Hill

Youth Insearch in Castle Hill

Youth Insearch is located in Castle Hill, a Sydney suburb. It’s an organisation that’s centered around youth living in the community. Youth Insearch plans extensive weekend programs that can help adolescents deal with complicated situations in their lives. These programs are designed for adolescents and teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. 

The objective of the programs at Youth Insearch is intervention. Young people who have experienced or who are vulnerable to serious issues such as substance abuse, crime and suicide are often good candidates for participation in Youth Insearch.

Roughly 65 individuals visit Youth Insearch’s weekend programs every time. Adolescents and teens who visit the programs are always accompanied by support persons who represent their neighbourhoods. These programs typically begin on Friday nights and then end the following afternoons.

The main point at Youth Insearch is to help establish secure settings that make young people feel at peace. People who visit these programs are encouraged to talk openly and honestly about pertinent topics such as sexual abuse, family violence, bullying, suicide, substance abuse, crime and grief. They’re also encouraged to share suggestions for ways in which to overcome these types of problems.

People who want more information on Youth Insearch’s extensive weekend programs and developments can contact the organisation through email. They can also sign up to receive Youth Insearch newsletters via email. 24-hour assistance is available for youths who are dealing with urgent situations, too.