Welcome to Ton-O-Fun!

Here at Ton-O-fun, we are here to ensure you have a day filled with excitement and fun!

A tourism award winning fun park, we have an abundance of activities and rides to choose from including supakarts, bumperboats, quad bikes, mini trains and much, much more.

Come down and see how much fun you can have at Ton-O-Fun!


Quality Hardwood Display Cabinets

Quality Hardwood Display Cabinets

Display cabinets come in many different shapes and sizes, but many people prefer hardwood cabinets because they look refined. These cabinets are also very durable. Hardwood cabinets have a variety of different uses within the household. Some people like to keep book and record collections within hardwood cabinets. These display cabinets have also traditionally been used to showcase gun collections. Hardwood furniture is popular because it often blends into many different home decor styles. Hardwood display cabinets from metrodisplay.com.au look beautiful in contemporary home setups. They also look beautiful in older homes with solid wood construction.

Hardwood display cabinets come in many different shapes and styles. Chinese hardwood display cabinets are among the most unique. These cabinets are large. They’re usually assembled out of multiple wooden segments. The shelves may resemble the shapes of tree branches or honeycombs. Chinese display cabinets usually have symmetrical halves. Many display cabinets are also shaped like wardrobes. These cabinets aren’t typically used to store clothes. They are often used to store glasses, bottles and trinkets.

Wood display cabinets should not be placed in places that contain a lot of moisture. Excessive moisture can warp wood furniture. Wood display cabinets often look beautiful in kitchen areas. They can be used to display silverware, dishes and tea sets. Some people like to replace their overhead kitchen cabinet doors with glass ones. This is a relatively inexpensive way to refurbish the look of a kitchen.

Some musicians like to store their instruments in display cabinets. Small display cabinets can be fastened to walls. Lights can be custom fitted into the tops of these display cabinets. Wood guitar display cases are popular because guitarists often like to keep their prized instruments on display. These display cabinets are also often used to display brass and wind instruments.

Detox Tea Helps the Body’s Natural

Detox Tea Helps the Body’s Natural Detoxification Process

Detox tea is a healthy way to incorporate a detoxifying natural remedy into your normal healthy lifestyle. Detox tea is detoxifying because various combinations of herbs are used in the tea to assist in cleansing your body.

It is widely known that a cup of tea in the morning helps your body switch on, and a cup before bed can relax you. A warm cup of tea helps the body digest food more efficiently. With Detox tea, you get all of the benefits of drinking tea, along with other natural herbs that have cleansing properties.

Many of the herbs used in Detox tea at Reviveme teatox are antioxidants which help eliminate free radicals in your bloodstream. These antioxidants help the body prevent disease and regulate imbalances in the blood. The antioxidants in Detox tea help reduce inflammation, and they help to lower blood pressure. Detox tea can be integrated with a healthy, active lifestyle to reduce the risk of disease.

If you eat healthy, and stay away from processed and fried foods, eating primarily fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, the tea has more effect. If the body is overworked by processed and fried foods, the tea will have less effect. If you do use it in combination with an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits, Detox tea can have a regenerative and healing effect on your organs, and you will feel better.

Detox tea is a healthy way to incorporate natural herbs and antioxidants into your system. Eat nutritious meals regularly while drinking the tea. Detox tea can help contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle.

Driving Lessons Melbourne Residents Need

Driving Lessons Melbourne Residents Need

Good driving skills are essential for roadway safety. Teen drivers should be required to take driving lessons Melbourne schools offer in classes or through individual instruction. Older people who haven’t driven in a while or who may have vision issues should consider Hienz driving lessons in Melbourne locations may provide. Anyone who has difficulty driving or who has received traffic citations or poor driving should take driving lessons Melbourne officials might require.

Although anyone can learn to drive a vehicle, not everyone is a good driver. It takes time and experience to master highway safety and to learn how to handle a vehicle appropriately. Driving lessons Melbourne locations can be a huge help to anyone who wants to be a better driver. Trying to learn driving skills from a friend or relative isn’t always a good approach. They may lack the specific knowledge, skills, or patience needed to teach someone how to operate a motor vehicle. A better approach would be to sign up for driving lessons Melbourne agencies offer to learn from an expert.

Some people take driving for granted. They think it is a natural skill that anyone can learn with little effort. Not only is that untrue, but it is also unsafe. Without taking driving lessons Melbourne instructors can offer, drivers may not know how to drive a car or truck safely under all conditions, which can vary based on weather and traffic patterns. Anyone who wants to be a good driver and avoid citations should learn from qualified instructors about the most effective ways of driving a vehicle.

How to Choose Professional Painters in Brisbane

How to Choose Professional Painters in Brisbane

In a world where every person is searching for opportunities that can generate income, it can be challenging to identify the right company to help you renovate your home. Most painters in Brisbane are made up of professionals, who are trained in the field. However, due to the lucrative nature of the job, many small groups have sprouted in a bid to take advantage of this growing market. This makes it more complicated for homeowners looking for professional painters in Brisbane considering each of these companies promises to offer the best to their clients. Finding the right painter calls for one to conduct due diligence and to seek information that can guide through. Here are details you need to consider before hiring painters in Brisbane. 

Experience is a paramount consideration that you can dwell on while searching for professional painters in Brisbane at PR Painting. You need to find out the number of years the team has been operational and whether they are registered to offer their services. Working with companies that are not registered may make it more frustrating when you want to make legal follow-up in the event of a breach. Therefore, it is advisable to give preference to well established painters, who are committed to offering their best to keep their customers happy. 

Rates offered for services also matter when you are choosing painters in Brisbane. You would want to hire services that fall within your specific budget. For this reason, you can consider looking for a company that offers discounted rates to their customers. Such are the well reputed companies as they would like to keep their good reputation as well as to attract more clients to their side.